Where We're Going

Where We're Going

Friday, 25 April 2008

To book or not to book...

I know it takes away part of the spontaneity if everything is booked up and sorted before we leave, but I'd rather not turn up in an unknown city only to find we have to sleep on a bench because there are no rooms available in any of the hostels... I know it would add to the adventure aspect of this trip, but I'd rather not have to do it. I'm a grown up now ;)

However, it does mean we have to rigidly stick to the itinerary, which would suck if we found somewhere really awesome and wanted to say there longer than we had anticipated :(

But it would be the more "sensible" option. Help?

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Friday, 18 April 2008

Itinerary #2

As expected we have had to change our little minds after lots of research and the realisation of just how much hostels are going to cost in Croatia and Slovenia (when we were banking on them being some of the cheapest). We've decided to take out the Scandinavia bits (*sniff*), which are SUPER expensive and possibly the Poland bit too, as it's a bit out of the way of the main areas we want to go to.

So now the itinerary looks like this:

Belgrade, Serbia - EUROVISION!!!!!!!!! - 5 nights
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2 nights
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1 night
Dubrovnik, Croatia - 3 nights
Split, Croatia - 2 nights
Zagreb, Croatia - 2 nights
Ljubljana, Slovenia - 2 nights
Venice, Italy - 2 nights
Verona, Italy - 1 night
Innsbruck, Austria - 2 nights
Munich, Germany - 2 nights
Salzburg, Austria - 2 nights
Ormoz, Slovenia... where we'll be staying for a couple of weeks then onto...
Vienna, Austria - 3 nights
Bratislava, Slovakia - 3 nights
Prague, Czech Republic - 3 nights
Berlin, Germany - 2 nights
Hamburg or Hannover, Germany - 2 nights
Brussels, Belgium - 2 nights
Antwerp, Belgium - 3 nights
Bruges, Belgium - 3 nights
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 4 nights

So it'll be more like 10 weeks rather the 12 weeks we were initially planning for.

But it will still be ACE.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Slovenia Rocks!

Hello again.

As you will see if you've read the itinerary, we will be having a little break in Slovenia for roughly 3-4 weeks. I have never been there before, but we'll have an awesome time, you know it.

Just in case Mr Jixie and I get sick of the sight of each other (it's not wholly unlikely) we would like to invite people to come visit us mid-Adventure in Slovenia. Come on, it'll be fun! We'll be staying there from 16th June, so if you think you can wangle some time off work do let us know and you can come visit us :)

Go on!

Slovenia Rocks!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Itinerary #1


This is our first look itinerary, we'll be spending around 2 days in each place...

Belgrade, Serbia - EUROVISION!!!!!!!!!
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Venice, Italy
Verona, Italy
Innsbruck, Austria
Munich, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
Ormoz, Slovenia... where we'll be staying for a couple of weeks then onto...
Vienna, Austria
Bratislava, Slovakia
Prague, Czech Republic
Krakow, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Malmo, Sweden
Helsingborg, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium


Things could (and probably will) change, but we'll keep you up to date :)